Instant Duas 2.3 released

Assalam-o-Alaikum all. Thank you for your support and thank you for reporting errors. Instant Duas 2.3 is released with these errors corrected. Please update your app when it becomes available in your market. And as always, remember us in your Instant Duas 🙂


dua page


2 thoughts on “Instant Duas 2.3 released

  1. Salam I was wandring if you could add the copy and paste feature as other websites do because my little neice wanted me to send her a dua from your collection but I couldn’t I think if you do that you would have alot more people using your site and downloading your app huddafiz

    • Jazak’Allah brother for your feedback. The ‘Copy/Paste’ and ‘Share Dua’ features are on our list for upcoming updates. Due to lack of support of such features from Microsoft for third party apps, they were kept out of our recent update. I will be working on an alternative for providing these capabilities along with some other in the upcoming update(s).

      Please keep sending in your feedback. And remember us in your Instant Duas


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