Xamarin Developer Summit Recap

Hussain Abbasi

In 2018, when Dan Siegel asked me what I thought about hosting a Xamarin developer summit in Houston, I could not have been happier. The conversations started to grab interest of folks who would support the idea of a Xamarin focused event, including Microsoft team. Once Dan brought Megsoft on board, things got in motion and the rest is history.

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Xamarin University

Get Xamarin Certified Now. For less.

The most deterrent factor for anyone trying to get Xamarin certifiedhas been the upfront cost of enrolling in to Xamarin University. It used to be $1995/developer per year paid annually, which went down to $999 late 2016. This was a whopping 50% discount which garnered interest of many potential certification candidates. But let’s be honest, a grand is still very much out of question for a young developer who might still be in college or an experienced developer who just can’t afford that upfront, specially when some of other technical certification such as Microsoft’s are much cheaper.

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Handling Multiple Taps in Xamarin.Forms on Android

Sometimes in this beautiful world of cross-platform mobile development, we come across a problem that makes no sense at first. But after some StackOverflow surfing and Xamarin/MSDN research, we may find a way to tackle that problem. In some scenarios, there are multiple solutions and we have to decide which approach works best given our situation. In this post, I will demonstrate  one of these problems, rather scenarios. The multi-tap monstrosity on Android when using Xamarin.Forms.

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We are Back to Work :)

Assalam-o-Alaikum All, I apologize for not releasing an update for past two months. I recently got Married (August 31st) and was busy with family and events. I am back on track and working on an update that I will release soon for 7 and 7.1 (Mango) versions, Insha’Allah.

PS: Remember “US” in your Instant Duas 🙂