.NET Conf 2022 Focus on MAUI Recap

MAUI finally had its day in the limelight at .NET Conf with a dedicated “focused” event. There was a lot of good content shared in a roughly 8 hours long live stream. In addition to live stream, there are recorded sessions that are also available at .NET YouTube channel. Here are some of the highlights from the event that I am excited about.

PS: I know it took a while for this post. I missed this event since I was at KCDC 2022 at the time. So, here goes.

🤩 My Favorites

Here are my favorites sessions from the event. I have listed more content from the event below for you to find something of interest to you.

Code Reuse with .NET MAUI

While .NET MAUI is the next generation of .NET cross-platform development, there are plenty of ways to reuse existing code & skills. Migration & reusability from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI should be natural – tools can help. .NET code & styling can now be shared seamlessly between web, desktop & mobile. Blazor is very welcome in .NET MAUI and developers can do all the native mobile/desktop things with Blazor code, while reusing shared Blazor components between web/.NET MAUI/WPF/WinForms. JavaScript code with Angular or React is also welcome on native mobile/desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Let’s explore the future of portability & developer productivity with .NET MAUI.

Sam Basu

From web to native with .NET MAUI and Blazor

Blazor uses the latest open web standards to enable full stack web development with .NET. But what if you need to build a native client app? Blazor has expanded beyond the web to enable building native client apps using a hybrid of web technologies and .NET. In this session we’ll look at the new Blazor Hybrid support in .NET MAUI for building cross-platform native client apps for mobile, desktop using your existing Blazor web UI components

Dan Roth

DevOps with .NET MAUI using GitHub Actions & Azure DevOps

Let’s learn how to get started with a starter DevOps pipeline in GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps. We’ll walkthrough some sample pipelines and learn how to configure the settings. You’ll learn tips and tricks to help you add DevOps goodness to all your .NET MAUI apps!

Sweeky Satpathy

Building Realtime Games with .NET MAUI

After all of the excellent topics today let’s kick back and enjoy a good gaming session. We will be looking at how we can build games in .NET MAUI and especially focussing on how we can leverage the power of SignalR to apply a multiplayer/realtime element to our games.

Shaun Lawrence

C# and LINQ for Data Access with EF Core

Forget magic strings, hand-written SQL queries and unfamiliar SDKs to deal with local data in your .NET MAUI apps. Entity Framework Core, also known as EF Core, is an object-mapper that empowers .NET developers to work with databases using the .NET languages and type system they know and love. In this session, learn how EF Core simplifies working with a cross-platform SQLite database in a .NET MAUI app and handles everything from complex queries to multiple updates that execute with a single line of developer code. Discover how client developers can use the same APIs that drive most REST, GraphQL, and gRPC backends on the server!

Jeremy Likness

Unit Testing For Your .NET MAUI Applications | .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI

Allen Ritchie

Syncing Data With Azure Mobile Apps And .NET MAUI

Adrian Hall

Other Great Sessions

Authenticate users and call protected APIs in your MAUI app
C# 11: The Highlights
Getting apps ready for stores & publishing
Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI
.NET Community Toolkit 8.0 – MVVM Goodness .NET MAUI
Customizing your controls with Platform Behavior
Creating Accessible Apps with .NET MAUI
Upgrade you JS App to Native with .NET MAUI
Building Rich Skottie Animations for .NET Apps
Setting Up Shop for .NET MAUI
Building Beautiful Apps for Mac Using .NET MAUI
Single Project: MAUI Application Architecture and Features
Error monitoring for .NET with Sentry
Building Native Libraries for .NET MAUI
UI Design for .NET MAUI

Useful Resources

That’s It!

And that’s all there is to this year’s .NET Conf Focus on MAUI event. I hope you found all this MAUI content useful and are able to benefit from it in your current and future apps.



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