Get Xamarin Certified Now. For less.

The most deterrent factor for anyone trying to get Xamarin certifiedhas been the upfront cost of enrolling in to Xamarin University. It used to be $1995/developer per year paid annually, which went down to $999 late 2016. This was a whopping 50% discount which garnered interest of many potential certification candidates. But let’s be honest, a grand is still very much out of question for a young developer who might still be in college or an experienced developer who just can’t afford that upfront, specially when some of other technical certification such as Microsoft’s are much cheaper.

Good News

Folks at Xamarin finally decided that in order to make Xamarin Certification more attractive and accessible, they needed to reform the enrollment strategy. So they announced monthly subscription.

“Xamarin University is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace as a flexible monthly payment option using your Azure subscription”.  -Xamarin

They spread out the $999/year cost to monthly enrollment of $83.25 ($999/12 – paid monthly). So, how does that help you ask? Good, read on.

New Certification

For starters, it might make it easier for developers on the edge to finally make a decision. If you are trying to save money and still get certified, you can get enrolled and take all the courses in the certification track which may take 3 to 4 months to complete. After that, you can take the exam and get certified. Your cost of certification just went down from $999 to however many months it took you times $83.25. If your employer allows, you might also be able to expense this monthly fee as education expense.


For folks trying to keep their certification active, the monthly plan will help in taking required classes and end your enrollment if you do not want to take advantage of all the other topic covered by Xamarin experts.

Azure Subscription

What’s this thing I hear about Azure subscription? If you have Azure subscription, you will be able to pay for Xamarin University with it. Unfortunately though, if you have MSDN license, you may get some credit for Azure subscriptions (I think it’s $150 depending on your subscription level). You will NOT be able to use that credit to pay for our monthly fees.

To subscribe to Xamarin University you need:

  • A Microsoft account, such as, an or address, or a work or school account, such as
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription to use for billing. There is no cost to create an Azure subscription, which essentially is a billing account that gets charged when you buy something.You may already have an Azure subscription if you use Azure, or you pay for Visual Studio Team Services or other services through Visual Studio Marketplace. If you don’t have an Azure subscription, you can sign up for Azure before or during your first Marketplace purchase. Learn more about using Azure subscriptions to bill Marketplace purchases.

For complete instructions on how to buy, manage, or cancel Xamarin subscription using Azure subscription, checkout VisualStudio – Buy Xamarin University.

That’s it. Now you can get Xamarin certified for less. Good luck.

Xamarin announcement can be found here.


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