Submit your suggestions about Instant Duas here. You can suggest Duas, Categories, Sources and anything else that you may like to share with all the users of Instant Duas.

8 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. tariq al ayad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum akhi, firstly congratulations and may Allah swt bless your marriage and grant you and your new family haya taiyibah, and jannatul firdhous.
    Thank you very much for this app. JazakAllah khair
    As a suggestion please include the duas in hisnul Muslim as well. there are a lot of beneficial duas there. And as you may know there are some specific duas that are relevant for married life as well 😉

    ma salaama

  2. irfan says:

    Dear representative. I install your app instantduas v2.0.1 2012 in which I found dua-e-qunoot written wrong. Now please tell me its mistakenly or you want us get into misconceptions about Islam by doing this. Please reply

    • Assalam’u’Alaikum brother, please use the “Report Error” button to submit an error in the dua. Also mention which part of the dua you believe has an error, arabic or transliteration or translation? As always, if there is an error, I’ll fixit in upcoming update. Jazak’Allah

  3. Abdul Khayum says:

    Assalam Olakum this application is very good and I request you to kindly include audio file also so that we may not do mistake during pronunciation and especially for reverted Muslim it will be very help full

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