Instant Duas

Instant Duas

Fortress of the Muslim (Hisnul Muslim) in the palm of your hand. Search, Read, Listen, and Share over 180 duas in a clean and beautiful design. Remember to spread the word and keep us in your prayers.


– 180+ duas from Fortress of the Muslim.
– New categories.
– New clean look and fresh feel.
– Audio added.
– Share duas.
– Double tap to zoom in dua texts.
– Enhanced performance.
– Optimized for Windows Phone 8 above.

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10 thoughts on “Instant Duas

  1. Kashif Raza says:

    Thanks for upgrade and including my request for husband & wife duas.
    Now i note another thing in prayer duas section, dua Qunut (for witr) in arabic text is written wrong at some points.But right in english text. Please correct this,
    One thing i mail u but also want to repeat here, that recently i buy a andriod phone as i was a user of wp7 so i am looking for instant duas ike application in andriod market , i see lot of dua apps but there is not a single app like ur once, i mean so complete. So please make also an instant dua app for andriod.
    Thanks for your great work

    • Jazak’Allah brother, I am glad you like the efforts. I will correct the arabic of the dua you and some others reported. Currently, I am working on Instant Duas for iPhone. I switched to Android myself but I keep my windows phone on me for these duas, Insha’Allah I will work on an Android app soon 🙂

      Remember me in your duas.

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